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Dear Bobby,

This evening, sitting down for supper, I suddenly remembered that you had a birthday in early July. Opening my special notebook with the dates of birthdays of relatives close to my heart, I found that I was right, though several days late. So please, excuse me for the delay.

Happy birthday, dear Bobby. I wish you good health and lots of success, especially in the field closest to your heart — the theatre. Looking forward to good news about your present and future success in all of your undertakings.

Boyan and Violeta are joining me and sending you their greetings and best birthday wishes.

This year you are celebrating your 21st anniversary, and so it is a very special occasion.
So, greeting from Bulgaria and lots of love from all of us,

Mama Leda



22 July 2004, Thursday


Dear Vi and Bo,


Thanks to our good neighbour Deyan who suggested it, we can both receive and send you e- mails.

We were very glad to get your first transatlantic message, but we would like to know lots more about your new life, about Arizona and its climate, about Chandler and Phoenix, your house, new friends, Violeta’s school. Did Boyan get his driving license? What is he doing, did you buy a car etc., etc?

I phoned bai Krum and Inna and they appreciated the information about your arrival. Today I spoke to Irina and gave her your phone number.

No exciting news from Sofia, except that two linguists – Michail Videnov dnd Emilia Pernishka have been elected chlen-korespfndenti na BAN. Boyan could congratulate Videnov. Kabakchieva rang to ask for Boyan. She hopes to get Clinton’s autobiography for publication and is trying to secure 5 good translators. I told her she can count on Emma in Boyan’s absence. I mentioned the book George sent us, but she told me it had been published in Bulgarian already.

Diana is arriving in a few days for a short visit. I am working on Geo Milev’s anniversary, preparing books to be published, looking for sponsors, etc.

Love from Nezabravka and best wishes. Please, write soon.


Mama Leda


  1. S. My computer(wo)man has been Tsveteto on Elena’s computer.