Leda, Bistra, and Penka Kassabova at the American Kindergarten, 1923 or 1924


Leda, Bistra and Maria Vladimirova with children from the American Kindergarten, 1924


Christmas photo, Stara Zagora, 1934 - Anastasia Kasabova, Penka Kasabova, Mila Mileva, Bistra Mileva, Maria Vladimirova, Leda Mileva and Miliu Kassabov (left to right)


Leda Mileva (the first on left in the second line, with a white dress with a belt) among students from the Institute of Teachers at the American Kindergarten, 1940


Leda Mileva, Boyan Nikolaev Popov and Violeta Tsoneva on the day when Leda Mileva was awarded the Stara Planina Order (the Balkan Mountains Order), I degree, May 2006